Fine Dining Skirting

Fine Dining Skirting items are available on request

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  • 3ft diameter round 91cm
  • 4ft diameter round 122cm
  • 5ft diameter round 152cm
  • 6ft diameter round 183cm
  • Bespoke Sizes


Fine Dining Skirting uses an accordion pleat. Thus giving a consistent pleated finish to the under cloth for the restaurant tables. The Skirting attaches to the table using loop header. paired with self adhesive hook-side tape. The hook side tape should attach to the table. As an other option you can use a Velcro edge Moulton.

This type of skirting uses a thinner heading. The skirting design, allows the pleats to start further down. Thus producing cleaner pleats, and having less impact on the dining experience. It gives the feeling of opulence by covering the table legs. Also as with all skirting reducing the size of the table linen required on the table. Alongside the initial outlay and reduced linen costs you will see a return on investment.
Dont forget table linen or moultons for the finishing touches.
Fine Dining Skirting

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Bespoke Sizes, 3ft diameter round 91cm, 4ft diameter round 122cm, 5ft diameter round 152cm, 6ft diameter round 183cm

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