• Conference Blotters

      Conference Blotters

      Conference Blotters are offered in many different colours. Available in leather, bonded leather and synthetic fabrics that cover a micron board and branded if required.

    • Conference boxes

      Conference boxes

      Available upon request

    • Flip Chart Covers

      Flip Chart Covers

      Personalised embroidered or printed logos can be applied to fabric Flip Chart covers. We also offer printed PVC flip chart covers

      Visit our Flip Chart Cover Gallery

    • Coasters


      Drinks coasters, glass coasters or drink mats are available in fabric which can be personalised or bonded leather and synthetic leather.

    • Storage Caddie for Snap Drape Table Skirting

      Storage Caddie for Snap Drape Table Skirting

      This is a simple storage system for the Snap Drape table skirting.

    • Skirt Mate Hanger

      Skirt Mate Hanger

      The Snap Drape Skirt Mate hanger is the ideal storage solution for storing Snap Drape table skirting. This hanger works perfectly with the storage caddie.

    • Boards and Easels

      Boards and Easels

      Table plan boards are available with a selection of coloured felts surrounded by an oak frame. Table plan easels are also available in brass.

    • Bottle Bins

      Bottle Bins

      For use with mobile bars or bar height tables covered with Snap Drape table skirting or spandex table covers.

    • Pool Table Covers

      Pool Table Covers

      Fitted Pool Table covers are available in many high-quality fabrics. These can cover the pool table on all four sides to the floor or the cover can just cover the top of the pool table.

    • Reception Blotters

      Reception Blotters

      Reception Blotters are offered in many different colours. Available in leather, bonded leather and synthetic fabrics that cover a micron board and branded if required.

    • Cable Tidies

      Cable Tidies

      The Cable Tidy is the perfect product for protecting your cables and offering a safe place to walk at any carpeted location. This fabric is great for floor displays that require electricity, but an outlet is not right next to the display. This way, you can still set up your display without the worry of anyone tripping and falling or damaging the wiring. Made from FR material they are Health and Safety compliant. Available in various colours.

    • LED Candles with Moving Flame

      LED Candles with Moving Flame

      Health and Safety Compliant, realistic non burning 10” LED flicker flame candles with remote control. These are battery operated with up to 120hours run time. 2 Brightness modes and a stop movement function. Candles have a base for use with holders from 19.5mm-23mm. We also offer a fixed flame LED candle.

      Visit our LED Candle Gallery

    • Bed Base Wraps & Divan Wraps

      Bed Base Wraps & Divan Wraps

      Bed Base Wraps or Divan Wraps. The bed base wrap is an ideal cover to keep the bottom of the bed continuously looking in pristine condition. They are removable and can be washed, helping maintain a high quality appearance at all times.

    • Tray Stand or Jack Stand Cover

      Tray Stand or Jack Stand Cover

      Cover for portable folding tray stand. Made from Spandex like Lycra which gives a snug fit concealing the stand and making it less visible during banqueting dinners.

    • Posts and Rope

      Posts and Rope

      Available by Request

Accessories are the essential must haves to finish off any conference space. And banqueting or recreational space.
For conference rooms we can provide Blotters. These are available in many colours and fabrics/leather. We can personalise them. And would match well with our Branded Flip Chart Covers and Drinks coasters.
The Flip Chart covers are PVC or Fabric and we can personalise them. We can also supply conference boxes for all your stationary storage needs.
We have accessories that help with your table skirting. The storage caddy is a fantastic and easy way to store table skirting. Along side the Skirt Mate hangers the perfect companion accessory
To help with arranging seating for conference or wedding. We can supply boards and easels. These can even be event notice boards.
We do various covers that help with day to day operations. FR Cable Tidies are a great solution to prevent cables from being a trip hazard. Pool table covers out of conference cloth make recreational areas look tidy when not in use.
Bed base wraps are available to help protect or make tired divan bases look brand new again. Available in many colours.
LED flame-less candles are brilliant accessories. They give the effect of a real candle without the risk of fires. They look elegant and last 120 hours. Before battery change.
High quality polished or brushed stainless steel posts and signage. A4 or A3 signs can screw into the top of the posts. All linked together by coloured ropes.
Jack Stand stretch cover for a tray stands and also tailor maid covers for tray stands. Called a Jack Stand.
All these accessories help with every day operations within establishments.

Please email sales@clipdrape.com for all your PPE Requirements. We are now supplying Washable mask, Hand sanitiser, Aprons, Disposable masks and many more products

Covid-19 staffing update

As with most other businesses, we have been affected by the recent government guidelines and our most important concern is the health and well-being of our customers and staff. 

Therefore, Clip Drape International Ltd is operating with limited staff – with most working remotely or on Furlough. While working remotely, Clip Drape are still able to accept orders and deal with other enquiries via the contacts listed below:

When contacting us please include, a suitable contact telephone number and brief information regarding your enquiry. One of the team will strive to respond ASAP.

  • To make an enquiry, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject New Enquiry  
  • To place an order, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject New Order  
  • To enquire about an anticipated delivery or shipment, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject Delivery Enquiry
  • To speak with our accounts department, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject Accounts Enquiry 

Should you need to contact us by telephone, please call +44 (0) 1233 228891 – this number is manned during office hours 09:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs. unanswered calls  are diverted to a voicemail facility and we will respond as soon as possible.