//Corporate Branding and Logo Work

Corporate Branding and Logo Work

    • Logo Application on Spandex

      Logo Application on Spandex

      Personalized logos or corporate branding can be applied to our spandex table covers either by Dye Sublimation or Vinyl Print. This is a quick and easy solutions for events that require signage and has a quicker turn around that Embroidered Table Cloths.
      *Please note Dye Sublimation not Available in Black

      Visit our Stretch Corporate Branding Gallery

    • Printed Logo Cloths

      Printed Logo Cloths

      Personalised logos can be applied by print to fitted tablecloth designed to be put on a specific sized table or by dye sublimation or print onto spandex.

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    • Embroidered Logo Cloths

      Embroidered Logo Cloths

      Personalised logos can be applied by embroidery to fitted tablecloth designed to be put on a specific sized table.

      Visit our Embroidery Gallery

    • Flip Chart Covers

      Flip Chart Covers

      Personalised embroidered or printed logos can be applied to fabric Flip Chart covers. We also offer printed PVC flip chart covers

      Visit our Flip Chart Cover Gallery

    • Branded Head Rest Covers

      Branded Head Rest Covers

      Our head rest covers or antimacassars can be embroidered, vinyl printed or dye sublimated for the use on chairs in trains and aeroplanes. These can be stuck on using a velcro strip which makes them easily to be removed, laundered and replaced.

Corporate Branding and Logo Work are integral to any business. Clip Drape understand this and offer a wide range of products. Because we know you need to stand out from the crowd. If you need a tablecloth, poseur cover or even a antimacassar.

The branded products come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Black, White and Grey are popular. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a green cloth. Ability to supply all Logo work as either embroidered products or vinyl printed.

Suppliers of high quality Corporate Branding and Logo Work. Clip Drape International only provide the highest quality work. Clients include RFU, Belfry Hotel, Penny Hill Park. Also Adare Manor, Westin Dublin and Krug Champagne.

Products are available within 3-5 weeks. Visual impressions counts for everything. Also be memorable and ensure you are the company everyone remembers.

Dye sublimation gives a long last impression on stretch fabrics. Also this is the only print version with a wash guarantee. Vinyl print provides a clean crisp alternative at lower costs. Embroidery is available on most fabrics, including conference cloth.

Corporate Branding and Logo Work are always changing. Because of this our offer is competitive. And also keeps up with the every evolving markets.

From Trains, planes, and automobiles. Also bar covers, table covers and car covers. Look no further than a branded product. Also branded napkins are on trend. Take your restaurant up another level. Because you want to stand out. Making everyone see your corporate branding and logo work from the moment they sit down.

Please email sales@clipdrape.com for all your PPE Requirements. We are now supplying Washable mask, Hand sanitiser, Aprons, Disposable masks and many more products

Covid-19 staffing update

As with most other businesses, we have been affected by the recent government guidelines and our most important concern is the health and well-being of our customers and staff. 

Therefore, Clip Drape International Ltd is operating with limited staff – with most working remotely or on Furlough. While working remotely, Clip Drape are still able to accept orders and deal with other enquiries via the contacts listed below:

When contacting us please include, a suitable contact telephone number and brief information regarding your enquiry. One of the team will strive to respond ASAP.

  • To make an enquiry, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject New Enquiry  
  • To place an order, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject New Order  
  • To enquire about an anticipated delivery or shipment, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject Delivery Enquiry
  • To speak with our accounts department, please email accounts@clipdrape.com - with the subject Accounts Enquiry 

Should you need to contact us by telephone, please call +44 (0) 1233 228891 – this number is manned during office hours 09:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs. unanswered calls  are diverted to a voicemail facility and we will respond as soon as possible.