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Chair Covers

    • Universal Chair Covers

      Universal Chair Covers

      Universal fit chair covers available in Black or white, with an Arc front, or full front. Perfect for any event, and available with a very short lead time. Providing a modern crease free professional image with a snug-fit for every occasion. Easy to store and maintain and fits the majority of banqueting stacking chairs.

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    • Tailor Made Chair Cover

      Tailor Made Chair Cover

      This traditional tailor-made chair cover is available in many plain, brocade and jacquard fabrics. They are the superior chair cover to the Lycra covers and are bespoke to the chair they are designed for giving a professional and elegant image for every occasion. and They can transform a wedding or banqueting venue

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Our Chair Covers are a fantastic to cover old looking chairs. We offer universal and made to measure options. In stretch lycra fabric as well as 100% polyester fabrics. The design allows them to stretch over the chairs easily with minimal work. The covers attach to the feet with the use of foot cups under the legs. Also great for outdoor weddings and events.
They only need low temperature washing. This can be machine washed, tumble or aired dried for easy care. We can manufacture them in trestle, round or poseur size. Spandex & Lycra chair covers are customisable with a logo or a theme. We can do this by vinyl print. They are available in a wide range of colours, with or without and arc front. Because of this we are able to meet customers specific decoration requirements.
Spandex & Lycra chair covers provide a modern and contemporary finish. They are crease resistant and no ironing is necessary. But this saves time when fitting to your chairs. Because of this Spandex & Lycra’s operational purpose is perfect for busy periods. 
Stretch fabric is crease free they can be placed in a box at the end of an event and used again. They do not need pressing because the fabric stretches and pulls the creases out.