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Molleton padding, which can be used as table protectors or padding for various applications. Molleton, also known as Molton, is a soft and durable fabric commonly used in table linens and event decor.

Clip Drape’s Molleton padding is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your table surface. It helps prevent damage from heat, moisture, spills, and scratches. The padding offers cushioning and absorbs impact, creating a barrier between the table and any objects placed on it. This makes it ideal for use in different settings, such as homes, restaurants, event venues, or any place where tables are frequently used.

The cut-only option allows you to order the Molleton padding in specific dimensions or shapes to fit your table. This customization ensures that you have the perfect fit for your table, regardless of its size or shape.

It’s important to note that the webpage you provided does not mention the PVC facing or specific features like waterproofing or stain resistance. If you require those specific features, it’s best to contact Clip Drape directly to inquire if they offer PVC-faced Molleton padding with those properties.

For more information or to place an order for the Molleton padding, I recommend visiting the webpage you shared or reaching out to Clip Drape’s customer support for detailed information about the product and its specifications.

Moulton table protector pads are cut to size and can be used for any type of table.

We use Moulton (or molleton) which is thick, fleece type fabric.

Using a padded table protector will protect your table from scratches and daily knocks, which in turn extends the lifespan of your table.

Moulton table protector pads provide extra cushioning under your table linen, creating a more luxurious feel. This also helps to absorb noise – which is especially useful in a restaurant or banqueting environment.
Storage is easy, simply roll up and pack away.

Contact us today for a price.

Benefits include:

  • heat resistant to protect your table from hot plates.
  • wipe clean
  • withstand high temperatures.
  • loise absorption properties
  • luxurious feel

Cut only Molletons are perfect additions to any Quick Drape Undercloths.

Cut Only Molleton

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Bespoke Size on, Square between 6ft round, Made to Order

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