Bespoke Black Molleton – Moulton

Bespoke Black Molleton - Moulton items are available on request

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  • Made to Order
  • SICO Bi Fold Oval
  • SICO Tri Fold Oval
  • SICO Bi Fold Square
  • SICO Tri Fold Square
  • IHS Freefold
  • IHS T Fold


Our bespoke Black Molleton PVC faced fabric is waterproof, stain resistant, thick and durable. Ideal protection for any Room Service Trolley (RST) and In Room Dining (IRD) trolley. Furthermore, because it is soft it reduces the noise when the tables are being laid for an event.
These made to measure Moulton are prefect for any event. making to order also ensures you have the perfect fit for any table. We can also supply a Velcro edge to help secure fine dining table skirting

Molletons are perfect additions to Fine Dining Skirting or Quick Drape Undercloths. Why not top off your In room dining experience with the Steelite Distinction Spyro crockery.

Bespoke Black Molleton – Moulton

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IHS Freefold, IHS T Fold, SICO Bi Fold Oval, SICO Bi Fold Square, SICO Tri Fold Oval, SICO Tri Fold Square, Made to Order

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