Linen Table Cloths

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  • 70" x 108" cloth
  • 70" x 120 " cloth
  • 70" x 144" cloth
  • 80" x 80" square cloth
  • 90" x 90" square cabaret cloth for Round tables and Boardrooms


Setting an elegant table begins with quality table linens. We offer the finest range of table linens including.

A linen tablecloth is an excellent choice for any formal or special occasion. Linen is a durable fabric that will withstand repeated washings, and it has a natural resistance to wrinkles.

Transform your dining experience and instantly create a luxurious setting with Linen Table Cloths from Clip Drape International.

Indulge in the beauty of Linen Table Cloths and awaken your senses with the sumptuous feel and look, perfect for formal gatherings or simply adorning your family dinner.

Wrap yourself in unparalleled luxury with Linen Table Cloths that are sure to impress your guests and deliver that extra hint of refinement.

Linen table cloths from Clip Drape International are one of the best investments you could make for any event.

Table linens play an essential role in creating the right atmosphere for any gathering.

That’s why Clip Drape offers a stunning collection of linen table cloths to make your table look its best. Intricately stitched and crafted from fine material, our linens add beauty and elegance to your occasion without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

Shop Clip Drape’s collection of vibrant colors, unique patterns and creative designs today and start adding a special touch to your next gathering with exquisite Table Linens.

The lightweight and breathable fabric allows tables to stay cool and comfortable while looking their absolute finest, perfect for summer soirees or backyard barbecues.

Shop Linen Table Cloths from Clip Drape International now, because life’s special moments should always be celebrated in style.

Linen tablecloths are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can easily find one to match your event’s theme or decor.

Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner party or a summer cookout, a linen tablecloth will help make your event unforgettable.

100% cotton, 100% Linen, 100% Spun Polyester, 50:50 cloths, and hemstitched.

We also offer a variety of beautiful damask patterned table linen. Damask Linen is the perfect addition for a top cloth or table runner.

All fabrics are available in an array of sizes and a wide variety of colours.

Linen Table Cloths

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70" x 108" cloth, 70" x 120 " cloth, 70" x 144" cloth, 80" x 80" square cloth, 90" x 90" square cabaret cloth for Round tables and Boardrooms

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