Drum Box table cloths

Drum Box table cloths items are available on request

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  • 108" Diam (4ft to the floor)
  • 120" Diam (5ft to the floor)
  • 130" Diam (6ft to the floor)
  • Cake Table cloth
  • Cocktail/Poseur Table


Setting an elegant table begins with quality table linens. We offer the finest range of table linens including. 100% cotton, 100% Linen, 100% Spun Polyester, 50:50 cloths, and hemstitched. We also offer a variety of beautiful damask patterned table linen. Damask Linen is the perfect addition for a top cloth or table runner. All fabrics are available in an array of sizes and a wide variety of colours.
Why have loose linens when you can have fitted linens. No Seams on top of the table, and a clean elegant and simple finish.
Drum Box table cloths

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Cake Table cloth, Cocktail/Poseur Table, 108" Diam (4ft to the floor), 120" Diam (5ft to the floor), 130" Diam (6ft to the floor)

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