Rounds & Cabaret Set Up

Rounds & Cabaret Set Up items are available on request

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  • 4ft Diam Rounds (122cm Cover)
  • 5ft Diam Rounds (152cm Cover)
  • 6ft Diam Rounds (183cm Cover)


This stretch table cover is made from a fabric similar to Lycra.

These covers are also known as a contour cover as the cloth hugs and curves to the shape of the table.

These covers provide a contemporary, sculpted and crease free appearance on buffet displays, registration desks and bars every time.

They are fabulous for outdoor events because the covers attach with rubber moulded foot cups that slide under the table feet which keep the cloth in perfect shape and protect the cloth from wear and tear .

Rounds & Cabaret Set Up

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4ft Diam Rounds (122cm Cover), 5ft Diam Rounds (152cm Cover), 6ft Diam Rounds (183cm Cover)

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