Conference Cut Stretch Covers

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  • 4ft (122cm) Slim Stretch cover
  • 4ft (122cm) Stretch cover
  • 5ft (152cm) Slim Stretch cover
  • 5ft (152cm) Stretch cover
  • 6ft (183cm) Stretch cover
  • 6ft (183cm), diam cabaret table cover
  • Bespoke Size


This 6ft Spandex/Stretch trestle table covering, similar to Lycra fabric also known as a contour cover because of the shape it gives to the table. The contemporary sculpted crease free appearance of buffet displays, registration desks and bars, makes for high standards everytime. this is fabulous for outdoor events because the covers attach with rubber moulded foot cups that slide under the table feet keeping the perfect shape. To ensure the proper fit when ordering rectangles, To ensure the proper fit when ordering rectangles, specify the distance between the legs; width and length.  This is a 3 sided spandex/lycra table cover with an arc on one side, giving access for people to sit comfortably behind.
Why not add a spark of personality to your spandex covers. Check out branded stretch covers and reception blotters for registration desks.
Conference Cut Stretch Covers

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Bespoke Size, 4ft (122cm) Slim Stretch cover, 4ft (122cm) Stretch cover, 5ft (152cm) Slim Stretch cover, 5ft (152cm) Stretch cover, 6ft (183cm) Stretch cover, 6ft (183cm), diam cabaret table cover

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