Buffet Tops

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  • 6ft x 30"
  • 5ft x 30"
  • 4ft x 30"
  • Mirror Top
  • Poseur Top


Buffet Cap or Buffet Lid is a wipe clean, stain resistant, linen free cover. This Buffet Cap sit’s on top of a standard trestle table which could be covered either in Spandex or table linens. Suitable for use inside or outside. This lightweight table cap protects the table and the table linens or spandex from wear and tear, and removes the dirty appearance from soiled cloths. Improving the presentation and reduces laundry costs which creates a return for the initial investment. Or add a Mirror Top and make your buffet look bigger and cleaner with a modern vibe for banqueting table displays, this top uplift the colours of the food and is absolutely stunning from a champagne drinks reception. Your perfect show piece for any welcome drink event. Pricing available upon request.

Buffet Tops

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6ft x 30", Mirror Top, Poseur Top, 4ft x 30", 5ft Round, 5ft x 30"

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