Contemporary Restaurant Skirting

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  • 3ft diameter round 91cm
  • 4ft diameter round 122cm
  • 5ft diameter round 152cm
  • 6ft diameter round 183cm


Looking for a modern, professional way to add some class to your restaurant’s tables? Clip Drape’s contemporary table skirting will help make your establishment stand out from the rest.

Whether your gathering is large or small, dressed-up or down – our wide selection of skirting materials will ensure your tables look professional and chic.

Not only is this type of table skirting easy to install and requires no maintenance, but it also offers an elegant, sophisticated look that will impress your customers.

Our intuitive multi-clip system helps secure any size cloth quickly, without the fuss of velcro, pins or ties so you can remain focused on entertaining your guests.

Make an investment in quality with Clip Drape’s superior table skirting: it’s the perfect touch for any contemporary restaurant.

Shop Clip Drape’s contemporary restaurant table skirting to give a unique flair to any event!

Restaurant Skirting uses an accordion pleat. Thus giving a consistent pleated finish to the under cloth for the restaurant tables. The Skirting attaches to the table using loop header. paired with self adhesive hook-side tape. The hook side tape should attach to the table. As an other option you can use a Velcro edge Moulton. 

Dont forget table linen or moultons for the finishing touches.

Contemporary Restaurant Skirting

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3ft diameter round 91cm, 4ft diameter round 122cm, 5ft diameter round 152cm, 6ft diameter round 183cm

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