Pedal Sanitiser Dispensers


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Heavy duty medical stainless steel, commercial sanitiser dispenser. ideal for situations where manoeuvrability is important. Dispensers can be fixed in situ. Entirely made from medical stainless steel, durable, weather resistant. Mechanical operation, Astreea® is probably the best dispenser on the Planet. The sanitiser dispensers ensure cleanliness and hand hygiene at all times. useable in all facilities where the safety of staff and visitors is paramount. Perfect for the hospitality and Leisure industry.
Protected by a 2-year warranty
· Arrives fully assembled
· No batteries or power needed
· Can be filled with any hand sanitizer you prefer, gel or liquid
· No cartridges or subscriptions required
· Refilling it is easy – just remove the top with included tools and pour in. We can supply the continuous use of antibacterial sanitiser in 5L containers
· The open meter level allows you to easily check the level of sanitizer
· Suitable for use inside and out and perfect for no touch sanitising of hands
· Weather and time resistant, rust-free
· Designed for heavy duty use
· Quiet and sealed
· Can be moved to different locations or bolted down to create a permanent sanitizing station
· Aesthetically impressive by design for use in public spaces, private businesses and also at home.
· The main purpose of foot operated dispensers is to limit the use of hands. This solution allows the disinfectant to be dispensed by stepping on the metal anti-slip pedal. while holding hands under the nozzle
· We can provide a continuous and timely supply of antibacterial gel which disinfection effectiveness has been tested and validated by an accredited laboratory.
Designed and manufactured by ARSAT, a trusted and certified quality European aerospace factory. ARSAT pride themselves in safety and high quality, which are fundamentally required by global brands. the Astreea® pedal hand sanitizer is proudly following these standards.
Pedal Sanitiser Dispensers

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Astreea L, Astreea M, Astreea S, Astreea XL, Astreea xS, Astreea XXL


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