8 Seat Table and Firepit Dining Set

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The Aruba Fire Pit dining table is a luxury outdoor furniture set. It comes complete with a stunning fire pit built into the table with a grill tray. This unique feature allows you to keep up with the conversations while cooking. Every detail has been considered and you can hide the fire pit when not in use. This provides a unique and versatile casual dining experience. Perfect for any meal at any time of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner. These will be the most popular tables to reserve in any venue.

This firepit grill tray is heated via gas, which means its ready to use within minutes. Also coming with heat rocks to help spread the heat evenly. When in use the firepit has a glass or chrome guard to prevent any accidental touches or burns. Being gas operated they come with an ignition and dials, like any gas operated BBQ.

8 Seat Table and Firepit Dining Set


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