Bormioli Rocco Aurum

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  • Aurum Water 36cl (12 1/4oz)
  • Aurum Jug 150cl (50 3/4oz)
  • Aurum Red Wine 52cl (17 1/2oz)
  • Aurum White Wine 35cl (11 3/4oz)
  • Aurum Burgundy 43cl (14 1/2oz)
  • Aurum Flute 23cl (7 3/4oz)

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Aurum Burgundy 43cl (14 1/2oz), Aurum Flute 23cl (7 3/4oz), Aurum Jug 150cl (50 3/4oz), Aurum Red Wine 52cl (17 1/2oz), Aurum Water 36cl (12 1/4oz), Aurum White Wine 35cl (11 3/4oz)


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