U Shape & Classroom-For Trestle Tables


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  • 70" x 108" (175cm x 274cm)
  • 70" x 144" (175cm x 366cm)
  • 70" x 208" (175cm x 528cm)
  • 70" x 120" (175cm x 304cm)
  • 90" x 90" (228cm x 228cm)


Trestle tables are a versatile and practical option for any event, and our conference cloths help to make them look their best. Our cloths are made from a high-quality fabric that is wrinkle-resistant and easy to clean.

They are available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the perfect look for your event. Plus, they are designed to fit snugly over the top of your trestle table, allowing you to create a professional-looking display.

Whether you’re setting up for a trade show or organizing a conference, our conference cloths will help you create an impressive display that is sure to impress your guests.

Conference cloth(Conference Baise) that can box a table is also known as throw cover. A fast and economical way to dress up your tables is with a Loose cloth/Throw cover.

No clips are needed. The throw covers are manufactured to your exact table dimensions and are sewn with square or radius corners to achieve a precise drop to the floor on three sides or all sides of the table. A 70 x 144 (175cm x 366cm) will individually box a single 6ft trestle table (3sides) for a registration desk and 2 of the 70 x 144 (175cm x 366cm) will cover 3 x 6ft trestle tables if used in a U-Shape set up or a classroom style set up

We recommend Table Skirting and Chair covers
U Shape & Classroom-For Trestle Tables

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70" x 120" (175cm x 304cm), 90" x 90" (228cm x 228cm), 70" x 108" (175cm x 274cm), 70" x 144" (175cm x 366cm), 70" x 208" (175cm x 528cm)

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