Linen Free Induction Tables

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  • Induction Tables also available as Compact Laminate Induction Tables


Induction Tables are specially designed tables that use electromagnetic induction to generate heat.

This makes them highly energy efficient and can help to reduce your energy bill.

They are also very safe to use, as there is no open flame or hot surface.

Induction Tables are perfect for cooking, as they can evenly heat the pan or pot, making it easier to control the temperature.

This also means that food will not stick to the bottom of the pan or burn easily.

Induction Tables are a great addition to any kitchen, and can help you to save money and cook healthier meals.

The Modular Induction Tables are all portable. All tables can have casters on the table feet. This enables them to move around from one buffet point to another. Large Field Induction Tables and also sizes are available.

The Modular Induction Tables are available in different widths 500mm and 800mm respectively.

It provides the ideal food warming station for your buffet set ups. All the tops are available in a range of colours.

These modular systems need electricity to heat or cool.

Modern and moveable display tables. The flexible portable buffet system lets you can create amazing buffet display.

This is achieved almost anywhere your customers would like to see it positioned. The modular sizing will means the configuration can be changed within minutes.

Linen Free Induction Tables

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Induction Tables also available as Compact Laminate Induction Tables

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