Linen Free Banqueting Tables

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  • Folding Banqueting Tables with Glass Tops


At first glance, banqueting tables may seem like a simple piece of furniture.

However, these tables can play an important role in any event or gathering.

Banqueting tables are designed to provide a large, flat surface for serving food and drinks.

They often have a wide base that helps to stabilize the table, preventing accidental spills.

Additionally, banqueting tables typically have a glossy finish that makes them easy to wipe clean.

Whether you’re hosting a large dinner party or a smaller gathering, banqueting tables can help to make your event run smoothly.

Folding 6ft (180cm) with tops in compact laminate, wood or slate look, also available in glass.

These folding Banqueting Tables with linen less tops are available in standard height and bar height.

The frames fold flat and the tops all fit into a storage trolley. The trolley will hold 5 table frames and 5 tops.

Linen Free Banqueting Tables

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Folding Banqueting Tables with Glass Tops

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