Hot and Cold – Dual Induction Tables

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  • Dual Hot and Cold Induction Tables


Clip Drape’s Dual Induction Tables emerge as the ultimate culinary solution for discerning establishments in the food service industry, particularly restaurants and cafes, seeking to optimize their time and energy expenditure.

Designed with innovation and practicality in mind, these tables redefine kitchen efficiency.

The hallmark of the Dual Induction Tables is their dual cooking surfaces, operating independently to facilitate the simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes. This unique feature not only accelerates the cooking process but also enhances overall kitchen productivity. The tables cater to the dynamic demands of a bustling culinary environment, allowing chefs to manage various cooking tasks concurrently.

Ease of operation is another standout feature, thanks to the intuitive touch control panel. This user-friendly interface empowers chefs to effortlessly program cooking times and temperatures for each surface, ensuring precision and consistency in every culinary creation. This level of control guarantees that each dish is not just cooked, but cooked perfectly, meeting the highest standards of taste and quality.

The commitment to perfection extends beyond precision cooking, as the tables incorporate a built-in venting system. This system not only contributes to a comfortable kitchen environment but also plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal cooking conditions. The result is not just delectable dishes but a kitchen that remains cool and conducive to the demanding tasks at hand.

Clip Drape’s Dual Induction Tables are more than just a culinary appliance; they represent versatility and ease of use. The tables’ dual hot and cold induction capabilities, within a generously sized 80cm x 80cm frame, provide a complete portable induction unit. This flexibility allows chefs to seamlessly transition between keeping products either cool or hot, opening up a spectrum of culinary possibilities.

The temperature range, spanning from -5 degrees to a sizzling +140 degrees, showcases the adaptability of these induction tables. This expansive range accommodates a diverse array of culinary techniques, from delicate cold preparations to intense high-temperature cooking. Chefs can confidently explore a myriad of cooking styles, knowing that the Dual Induction Tables from Clip Drape are up to the task.

In conclusion, if you are in search of a cooking solution that seamlessly blends efficiency, precision, and versatility, look no further than Clip Drape’s Dual Induction Tables. These tables transcend conventional culinary tools, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for chefs to elevate their craft in the demanding world of food service.

Hot and Cold – Dual Induction Tables

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Dual Hot and Cold Induction Tables

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