Creations Display Stand


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Upscale your buffet with our reclaimed teak wood Buffet Risers and accessories. As well as display stands, glass risers and pedestals. With the addition of induction, grills, resin and glass tiles and endless configurations. As well as Buffet Risers we can provide Display Crockery and serving dishes. And also bread baskets and cake stands. These provide a eye catching display. Teflon coated chafing dishes. As well as bringing colour and durability that takes the cast iron chafer to a whole new level. Available in six different sizes and many colour options. In electric, fuel gel and induction.
We have an unmatched selection of banqueting equipment for all food service needs. Buffet Risers are important in a buffet set-up. You can elevate, layer and accent your food displays with out tiered stands. They are practical and store-able. As well as this we can offer transport and storage carts.
With all our various ranges we are able to fit in with any decor within our customers establishment. As well as gastronorm buffet risers to optimise space.
Within our range we also have various breakfast displays and dispensers. As well as Juicers and Urns.
Glass risers are available to match our Buffet Tables & Glass Banqueting Table Solutions.
The look that these unique products can give your customers creates a lasting memory. The combination of colours, sizes, shapes and unsurpassed quality gives a professional image. The high quality designs uplift and frame the fantastic culinary artistry. Which the inspirational chefs create resembles pictures on the plate.

Creations Display Stand

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Chestnut Stand, Ebony Stand, White Stand

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