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  • Blue Rope with Hooks
  • Red Rope with Hooks
  • Sign Post Top
  • Sphere Top
  • Square Top


In the new normal of hospitality launching 4th July 2020. Are you ready to open your doors in a Covid Secure Fashion? With our Posts and Rope Covid Secure Solution, you will be in a great position to open your doors.

Clip Drape International have a wide offering of products ready for reopening after Covid. From Hand Sanitiser to Masks, gowns to gloves we have you covered.

Part of the Covid Secure regulations are requiring one way systems, and queue management. Do you have your system in place? Are you ready to create a one way system? Worried about staff having to police the queues? Clip Drape International is in a perfect position to help you. We have access to market leading Posts and Rope solutions. We guarantee a quick turnaround and a friendly price for your budget.

Posts and Rope Covid Secure solutions help you to set up and maintain one way systems. Alongside restricted areas with very little hassle and effort. All of our posts are stainless steel, and can be sanitised quickly for ease. Ropes and fixings come in a variety of

Posts and Rope

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Blue Rope with Hooks, Red Rope with Hooks, Sign Post Top, Sphere Top, Square Top

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