Table Skirting Clips

Banqueting Table Skirting Clips

Table Skirting Clips from Clip Drape are the perfect solution for creating beautiful, neatly tailored tables.

Whether it’s a banquet table or a more casual round, these clips are easy enough to set up and use in any situation.

Featuring a non-scratch surface and adjustable clamping pressure, these clips provide a secure hold with no damage to any table finish.

Our clips make any event look polished and professional – no matter what kind of table you’re working with.

They work with any skirting, so there’s never a need for bobby pins or tape – just these trusty clips crafted from heavy-duty plastic.

Our clips are easy to use and can help transform your space in an instant.

Plus, with the high impact construction and durability, you can use Clip Drape’s Table Skirting Clips season after season and never worry about them breaking.

Upgrade your table settings today with Clip Drape’s Table Skirting Clips!

Looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your tables? Table skirting is the perfect solution! And our Snap Drape table skirting clips make it easy to attach your table skirt with no sewing required.

Simply attach the clips to the edge of the table, then attach your table skirt to the velcro pads on the clip.

Our clips are made from durable, injection-moulded polycarbonate plastic and are guaranteed against breakage in normal use. Plus, we offer a variety of clip sizes to fit a variety of table edges. So whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern, we have you covered.

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