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Table Linen

    • Linen Table Cloths

      Linen Table Cloths

      Setting an elegant table begins with quality table linens. We offer the finest range of table linens including: 100% cotton, 100% Linen, 100% Spun Polyester, 50:50 cloths, and hemstitched. We also offer a variety of beautiful damask patterned table linen the perfect addition for a top cloth or table runner. All fabrics are available in an array of sizes and a wide variety of colours.

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    • Round Table Cloths

      Round Table Cloths

      100% Polyester table linen available in Black, White, Ivory and Burgundy, however many colours are available as a bespoke order. Available for all round tables to drop to the floor, perfect for banqueting setups .

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    • Drum Box table cloths

      Drum Box table cloths

      A fitted round tablecloth with no seams on the top of the table. These cloths give the table a “drum box” style effect and are easy to use and care for. It is ideal for poseur tables or cabaret set ups. This cloth is available in many colours.

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    • Napkins


      Our Napkins are available in an array of sizes, designs and colours.They are suitable for all occasions such as Afternoon Tea, Breakfast and Dinner. You can have four hem with or without mitred corners, two hem or hem stitched finish.

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    • Quick Drape Undercloths

      Quick Drape Undercloths

      Available in a gathered pleat which simulates the natural fall of a standard undercloth. The Quick Drape undercloth is a fast and easy solution to give a consistent high-quality finish and a fast turnaround if required every time. The uses for Quick Drape are highly versatile and have virtually limitless uses, such as registration tables, buffet set-ups, meetings, weddings, banquets and much more. In return for the initial investment. The Quick Drape will reduce the use of large table linens and consequently saving you money with your laundry and linen costs.

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Our Table Linen or Table Cloths is the perfect addition to update your restaurant or dining area. This will lead to it being the most powerful element of your decor. Table linen has the power to set the mood and ambiance within a dining room. We have a wide range of fabrics, made to the highest quality. As well as this we have many styles and colours available to renew your tables in an instant.
Our table linen features a multitude of good properties. Such as hard wearing and easy care. The design means it is good for heavy use and regular washing.
The table cloths have stain resistant properties and colour retention. Because of this the fabric will take longer to fade over time through washing. Keeping the linen looking good as new.
The fabric is 100% spun polyester is strong, durable and is quicker to dry than 100% cotton. It is low shrinkage and cotton soft touch feel.
Bespoke and Standard size available. Also available in hem stitch, satin banned and brocade/damask by request.
Table linen can be loose throw or fitted, we are also able to provide matching napkins in various sizes. Our range is suitable for a range of establishments in the hospitality industry.
Our Table cloths will leave a last impression on your guests and diners, as they are classic and elegant. But durable enough to cope with the day to day operation of a hotel or restaurant. They are luxurious enough to complete any dining room and are sure to make a statement.