• Drinique


      What if your glassware didn’t break? What if it didn’t crack? And what if that glassware was guaranteed for life*? Drinique drinkware is made from extraordinary TritanTM Copolyester, even at 500 trips through a dishwasher this revolutionary material stays clear. Stack them without sticking, wash them without cracking, and even drop them without breaking; no matter the distress they continue looking good. All Drinique glasses are BPA free and made in the USA.

      If any piece of Drinique drinkware ever breaks, cracks, or shatters under normal use, Drinique will replace that product free of charge, upon customer returning the product at their expense.

    • Castle Chafers

      Castle Chafers

      The new Chafers by Castle are a unique and energy efficient way of storing both wet and dry foods in food service. Whether it’s breakfast or buffet service, storing hot or cold food, the Castle chafing dish will maintain your food at the perfect temperature to ensure that your customer is served your food exactly how you want.

    • Hepp Chafers

      Hepp Chafers

      Hepp’s long traditions and manufacturing excellence come together to create an exceptional range of Chafers. -10 year guarantee against damage caused by normal usage -All items hand finished and polished

    • Roselli Risers

      Roselli Risers

      Ultra modern risers by Roselli Design will take your buffet and tabletop presentation to new heights. Bright white porcelain risers will elevate both sweet and savoury culinary presentations. Designed with form and function in mind, these works of art can also be used as a platform centrepiece