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Steelite International are world leading suppliers of table top and buffet products.

We can provide the best in performance with solutions in materials such as china. We can also provide them in metal, glass and melamine.

World leaders in tableware. Steelite Crockery is award wining for the hospitality industry. It is important to have the right table wear in your establishment. but it plays a key role in making profit. So your choice of table wear is as important as the decor of your property.
The reactive glazes applied by hand make each item unique. Which is evident in the fired result.

It is crucial to have the right glassware to benefit your dining experience. Steelite International provide Crystalline glass for the best finish. Also they are also resistant to impact damage.

The cutlery that Steelite offer is strong, light weight and durable. Offering your customers a good dining experience. It is also made from 18/10 stainless steel. Which means it provides high shine and stain resistance.

Table top accessories from Steelite International are the perfect finishing touches. They are unique which will set you apart from others. It is an experience for everyone to enjoy. All our products with Steelite International will create better opportunities. As well as offering exiting dining and buffet experiences.

Provided through Steelite International the Vortex Cube is a professional glass chiller and sanitizer. It improves the taste of drinks. It removes odour from the glass whilst killing up to 88% of bacteria. Also known world wide for its reliability and performance. As well as guaranteed quality.