• Aluminia Vitrified

      Aluminia Vitrified

      The Distinction and Performance ranges manufactured in Stoke-on- Trent from our Alumina Vitrified clay body offer our customers the opportunity to purchase sleek and elegant pieces with the security of durability and lasting product excellence.

      The range of tableware within the Distinction collection offers both beauty and strength. Exuding elegance and class, each piece boasts superior strength for lasting durability, allowing you to create truly memorable dining experiences time after time.

      • high alumina vitrified clay body for long lasting performance and durability
      • an extensive collection of shapes, patterns and colours
      • both traditional and trendsetting designs
      • rim on rim stacking
      • fully glazed foot
      • microwave, oven and freezer safe
      • Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty

    • Folio Cutlery

      Folio Cutlery

      Introducing the Folio Collection; a contemporary assortment of cutlery that is perfect for any size operator. Conveniently priced with the operators in mind, this collection features clean, sleek lines and boasts an 18/10 stainless steel finish. Folio cutlery provides excellent stain and rust resistance with a long lasting shine, making it a great choice for your banqueting and dining needs.

    • Steak Knives

      Steak Knives

      Available in various handle options and either sharpened or serrated, round or pointed blades. Varick steak knives add that “something extra” to tabletop presentations.

    • Spiegelau


      Spiegelau established nearly 500 years ago, dedicated to producing the very best in fine crystal stemware. Their combination of cutting edge design and traditional craftsmanship has created a stunning selection of glasses, decanters and carafes, blending both form and function.

    • Melamine


      This unique melamine dinnerware is great for fast casual dining and works well in any environment - from farm-to-table to Greek to Italian and more. With a lighter weight and higher durability than traditional tableware, and adds the perfect pop of colour to your tabletop.

    • Thrill Vortex

      Thrill Vortex

      A unique machine that not only sanitises in seconds, but keeps drinks cooler for longer without watering down the beverage or altering the flavour and aroma. Ever wondered why cocktails served in the trendiest bars taste so much better? The answer may not lie in the contents of the glass, but within the glass itself. A glass that has been cleaned and sanitised properly enhances the overall taste experience. The invisible residue that remains after washing may taint the taste and odour of drinks, compromising the quality of beverage served. With THRILL, it takes just a few seconds to thoroughly sanitise and chill a glass, leaving it completely free of any unpleasant odours or aftertaste, giving customers the perfect serve and taste experience. Stylish and theatrical, THRILL is a must have for upmarket bars and restaurants.

    • Creations Display Stand

      Creations Display Stand

      Handcrafted in the USA, these beautifully unique, vertical stands are like no other! Utilising mixed mediums of industrial pipe and wood, these display stands offer height and mobility for visually pleasing presentations. Available in three distinct finishes, the pipe arms are moveable and can be adjusted for a variety of display options. Great for a multitude of uses from coffee & tea service to pastries and fruit smoothies to small appetisers, you can accessorise your display stand with an unlimited variety of small plates, cups, dishes, etc. that Steelite has to offer.

    • Seafood Display Stand

      Seafood Display Stand

      Elevate your presentation with seafood stands by Williamsburg Metalworks. These unique, custom designed stands are made in the USA and provide versatility with their multi-tiered options. Made of highly durable, heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel, these stands are easy to disassemble and are dishwasher safe. Bringing your presentations to new heights, it’s the perfect solution for an impressive tabletop.

    • Canyon Chafers

      Canyon Chafers

      A passion for food is at the core of every event. Offering heating and cooling flexibility in a single unit, Canyon Chafers provide an exceptional return on investment, while maximising the visual aesthetic of your cuisine.

    • Stoneware


      The Anfora collection of contemporary tableware is designed specifically for casual, fast paced establishments. Offering an unrivalled combination of value, exceptional durability and good looks, the Anfora range of tableware is competitively priced and has the attributes to satisfy all of your requirements. The results are strength and style per fectly balanced

      • excellent performance
      • extremely practical and versatile
      • fully vitrified clay body
      • each range has a full suite of items
      • perfect for the casual dining atmosphere

    • Porcelain


      The Porcelain ranges from Robert Gordon, Rene Ozorio, Crucial Detail and Varick are uniquely designed offers, which bring a sensational added dimension to the dining experience. Created to explore everything that dining has to offer, these ranges draw on all the senses to help the diner fully appreciate chefs creations.

    • Varick


      The Varick Collection includes patterns made from 18/0 stainless steel, all exceptionally priced for value-conscious operators. Top-grade hand polishing provides a superior soft shine, while proper weight distribution and balance provides a comfortable feel when handling. Complete with a collection of steak knives, Varick cutlery is dishwasher safe and offers a breadth of patterns at an affordable price, making it the ideal choice for the hospitality industry.

    • HEPP


      Classic beauty attracts connoisseurs and gourmets. This is why HEPP, as a leading supplier of cutlery, has such a diverse product range. It’s cutlery is made with a high quality of workmanship creating competent timeless shapes to modern, avant-garde design.

    • Elia


      The Elia collection of quality cutlery delivers classic shapes as well as simple, contemporary designs which provide an elevated dining experience.

    • Nachtmann


      Replicating a trend that’s currently making waves in fashion, these luxury vessels make the perfect statement in bars or dining environments.

    • Minners


      For over 60 years, Minners has been meeting the needs of the finest foodservice establishments, specialising in custom glassware, cutlery and dinnerware, made to exact requirements with expert craftsmanship. The Minners Classic Cocktail range of glassware has been recreated using the original glass moulds that manufactured the glasses used in the 1930’s Manhattan cocktail scene and made famous in venues such as the Rainbow Room. These classic shapes have stood the test of time and have regained a relevance to todays growing mixology scene. Steelite International have obtained exclusive global distribution rights to this exciting range and are pleased to bring a unique opportunity in fine lead-free crystal glasses.

Steelite International are world leading suppliers of table top and buffet products.

We can provide the best in performance with solutions in materials such as china. We can also provide them in metal, glass and melamine.

World leaders in tableware. Steelite Crockery is award wining for the hospitality industry. It is important to have the right table wear in your establishment. but it plays a key role in making profit. So your choice of table wear is as important as the decor of your property.
The reactive glazes applied by hand make each item unique. Which is evident in the fired result.

It is crucial to have the right glassware to benefit your dining experience. Steelite International provide Crystalline glass for the best finish. Also they are also resistant to impact damage.

The cutlery that Steelite offer is strong, light weight and durable. Offering your customers a good dining experience. It is also made from 18/10 stainless steel. Which means it provides high shine and stain resistance.

Table top accessories from Steelite International are the perfect finishing touches. They are unique which will set you apart from others. It is an experience for everyone to enjoy. All our products with Steelite International will create better opportunities. As well as offering exiting dining and buffet experiences.

Provided through Steelite International the Vortex Cube is a professional glass chiller and sanitizer. It improves the taste of drinks. It removes odour from the glass whilst killing up to 88% of bacteria. Also known world wide for its reliability and performance. As well as guaranteed quality.