• Roll’n Service Trolley

      Roll’n Service Trolley

      Mogogo Food Service Cart is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally designed as a companion to Mogogo’s full product range or as a standalone cart for table-side service, room service delivery, display or any other occasion requiring a cart. Its unique built-in bumper system, heavy-duty casters and legs, and bamboo shelves offer superior strength and durability. This tableside service cart is functional enough to be of any assistance in the back end of your hospitality operations. Elegant enough to be your serving companion of choice for any chic event. Meet Mogogo’s Serving Cart; unparalleled in today’s Foodservice Market.

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    • CliX Tables

      CliX Tables

      The CliX Catering Tables collection is the latest addition to the Mogogo Linenless and Modular family. Like everything designed by Mogogo, it is both functional and beautiful, all while making the lives of our customers a little bit easier. CliX is inspired by the existing strengths of Mogogo’s modular banquet furniture while further exploring versatility and adaptability. From these two function defining parameters came our patented quick-lock mechanism. One click to attach and one twist to detach, CliX Catering Tables deliver a range of products that is easier to store and assemble. Available in three different heights as well as three tabletop shapes (round, square and rectangle tabletops), it is our pleasure to introduce CliX to the world, the latest culmination in our quest to produce tools for professionals that combine maximum functionality with a refined design aesthetic.

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    • Polo Tables

      Polo Tables

      Mogogo’s Polo Coffee & Bar Tables are lightweight and extremely versatile, designed using our unique Modular System. Available in Round, Square or Oval Tabletop shapes, they offer a wide variety of combinations. This approach allows for the same coffee table to be effortlessly transformed into a bistro or bar table and then into a champagne or dessert station in no time. It provides you with flexibility while also retaining simplicity and style.

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    • Modular Classic Range

      Modular Classic Range

      Mogogo Classic Range consists of F&B Banquet Food Stations and shelves that fit each other seamlessly, functioning as building blocks to the Mogogo System. The Classic Range is characterized by a sleek linear design, adaptable to both traditional and modern, edgier looks. These essential products are the core of the Mogogo System and are often utilized as the base for creating action stations, buffet stations, bars stations, warming and cooking stations and more when combined with add-ons, in order to offer the perfect customized touch for all of your banquet solution needs. Note: All quick covers shown here are not included in the configuration and can be ordered separately.

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    • Creative Range

      Creative Range

      Our Creative Range comes with a curved design concept. With this innovative approach, we have helped eliminate crowded service lines and replace them with an effortless, intimate service experience. This means fewer waiters to employ behind the service lines and a more dynamic and interactive culinary experience for your customers. Our creative system is patented and offers unique features based on our vast experience in mass food service operations.

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    • Modular Pro Bar

      Modular Pro Bar

      Mogogo Pro Bar Station is an essential functional element for the front-facing side of the bar. Treat your guests to an exceptional mixology experience with an elegant bar station design that aligns with your F&B Standards. If you are committed to deliver time and time again a unique user experience, Mogogo Pro Bar is your station of choice, as it comes with a variety of Add-ons for endless customization. Mogogo Pro Bar comes with industrial casters, a stainless steel working surface, a double-wall, insulated ice bin for cooling and a slick speed rail. Note: Covers are not included in this configuration and can be ordered separately.

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Mogogo is a adaptable modular buffet system. It is modern and sleek but the design makes it feel traditional. The Mogogo System is the base for creating buffet stations. It can also be a mobile bar, action station or a warming and cooking stations. It is the perfect customisable solution for all indoor and outdoor dining needs. For a more dynamic experience our Creative Range comes with a curved design. It offers unique features for mass food service operations.
The Mogogo Mobile Bar is a fantastic experience for your guests. It also comes with a variety of add-ons and the benefit of Industrial Casters. This means it is movable. It also comes with a stainless steel work surface and an Ice Bin.

As part of the Mogogo range our Polo Tables can be part of the Modular Buffet System. The table tops shapes are round, square and oval and offer a variety of combinations. This allows you to turn a coffee table into a champagne or dessert station in no time. It is simple and provides great flexibility.

The Perfect companion to the Mogogo Modular Buffet System is the food service cart. It can be a table-side service trolley. It can also be a room service trolley, food display or for any other occasion that may need a cart. For Example a Gin Trolley. It has a built in bumper system to prevent misuse and damage but elegant enough to be a serving companion.

The Clix Tables are the latest addition to the Mogogo Modular Buffet System and Linenless Family.