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    • Modular Live Cooking Buffet System

      Modular Live Cooking Buffet System

      Designed by the chef’s for the chef’s. Our Live Cooking Buffet System creates the perfect dining experience for any events at anytime, anywhere. It is lightweight and can easily be set up and transported. With the Option of 17 different drop-in modules it is easy to fulfil the tailored needs of every event. The Live cooking system can be configured in multiple layouts enabling your chef to work in the ideal space whilst giving guests the best view possible. All the units are fully collapsible and simply fold up for storage and easily unfold to be lined up ready for use. It requires minimal staff to do and no tools. The system was designed with small elevators and tight corners in mind, the ultimate space saver.

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The Mosaic Live Cooking buffet system creates the perfect dining experience. Designed with the input of top chefs around the world. This light weight and intuitive design means that it is transportable. As well as being easy to set up. There are 17 drop in options so that you are able to fulfill the needs to every event, every time. It is flexible and multi-functional.
The layout can is configurable to every chefs needs, so that there creativity can run free. It is an ideal work space. Because it is a Live Cooking station it gives guest the best view possible. It is an open kitchen concept.
All the units are identical collapsible cube shapes which unfold. You can then line them up for use in any configuration. It takes minimal staff to put together and you do not need tools. Quick and Easy set up, Achievable in minutes.
You can store the drop in modules, panels and frames in the transport and storage caddy. The design enables it to fit inside small elevators. The Live Cooking station is maneuverable so it will fit round tight corners. As it has a space saving design.
It is stylish and contemporary. With sleek and modern lines. There are different colours and finished available. Because of this it will fit in with any hotel or restaurant decor.
This Live Cooking station is usable inside and outside. Although it is light weight it is very sturdy and very strong.
Produced by SICO Europe. British made Aluminium Construction.